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About Us

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I am Lalitha lakshminarayanan, the founder of Lakshmie Herbal Instincts. I have been fascinated by the world of herbs since I can remember. This company is a brain child of my passion for the natural world and my instinct for herbal remedies.
TANSTIA FNF Service Centre , an NGO, has been guiding me through various training programs and workshops, since 1992. I would even think TANSTIA FNF was the harbinger for all my subsequent success in the herbal cosmetic industry. I eventually developed my own formula for body and face wash, which was later certified by the SGS laboratories at Chennai as a 100% natural and completely chemical free product.
With the continued encouragements from my family and friends, I slowly established myself as entrepreneur in the skin and hair care herbal cosmetic industry.
In 2010, Lakshmie Herbal Instincts was founded and registered under MSME in Chennai. Thus began my true entrepreneurial journey.
No animal testing is employed to test my products.
My vision is to spread awareness about natural and herbal options of skin and hair care, especially among the youth and inspire them to go the chemical-free way!

Lakshmie Herbal Instincts was founded in 2010 and a range of fully natural herbal products under its umbrella. The skin care and hair care range are under the brand name “AISHWARYA”. We are registered under MSME in 2010. We are based in Chennai.

Our Mission:

We strive to provide 100% natural sustainable skin and hair care products. Mother earth has bestowed upon us with abundant wonder herbs to cater to our needs. We, at Lakshmie Herbal Instincts hand pick the choicest of these herbs to provide the best chemical free alternative for a long sustainable skin and hair care.

Lakshmie Herbal Instincts is committed to help you to look naturally beautiful . Our products are all sourced carefully under the supervision of our proprietor and mixed manually and dried naturally under Sun light. No artificial preservative or chemicals are added for long shelf life.

To provide a one-stop solution for all your skin and hair needs.

Product Range:

Hair solution

Nourishing herbal hair oil, hair protein pack, neem comb

For healthy and glowing skin:

Saffron face scrub and orange cinnamon face scrub

We wish you all a “happy hair care and skin care

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